We Buy Your Used Models For Cash or Store Credit!

Turn your old plastic into a new army for the new edition!

  Important: You cannot afford to miss this message if you want to get the most out of selling your old models.

 Important: You cannot afford to miss this message if you want to get the most out of selling your old models.

Trade Your Old Models For A New Army

Step 1 : Fill Out Form

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to provide thorough details.

Step 2 : Get A Quote

We'll get back to you with a fair market value for your models. You can choose cash or store credit!

Step 3 : Send Your Models

Carefully pack and ship your models. We'll check for accuracy on arrival.

Step 4 : Get Paid!

We'll send you money via PayPal, or deposit store credit right into your Frontline Gaming account.

Why Should I Sell My Old Models to Frontline Gaming?

Take a good look at your pile of shame...

We all have one. Every single one of us. Whether it's a mountain of unpainted miniatures, unopened boxes, models we haven't touched in years, or anything in between. 
All that plastic is just sitting there doing absolutely nothing for you. Not only is that cash you could be spending on your new army, but those models could be given new life with someone out in the community. The fact is, you'll probably never touch those models on the backlog or those that have gone unused for years.

Not to mention, the rate of new releases is unrelenting and if you're like us, the temptation to pick up that next new thing is pretty hard to resist.

What if instead of collecting dust, that unused plastic could be cash in your pocket funding your next hobby project? Imagine how great it will feel to clear out the old to make room for the new. Instead of ignoring that growing pile, we can help you turn it into your next new army.

We've been doing this a long time. That's why we're able to help so many people find new homes for their old armies. Not only that, but we have an extensive store of all the latest and greatest in tabletop gaming. By choosing to take store credit, the money your earn for your models goes even farther.
Look, we get that sometimes it's hard to let go. The least you can do is get a quote for your unused, unpainted, neglected models. If you like the quote we give you, great. Let's get you paid. If not, we wish you the best with that backlog and we'll be here when you're ready to turn it into cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy non-Games Workshop models?

Do you buy painted models?

Do you purchase models that are partially assembled, painted or just primed?

Do you purchase bits or hobby supplies?

It's Time To Turn Your Models Into Cash

Here's what a few people are saying...

"Hey Reece. I hope you guys have been doing well under Quarantine! Wanted to give kudos to whoever you have running the Trader Mcgee email for the second-hand shop. Just went through the process and really well done and pleasant experience!"
-Chuck M

"Hey, just woke up to find out you guys dumped some cash into my PayPal. Awesome!
I don’t have any social media accounts or anything to write a review of my experience, but I can say that you provided a great first impression to someone who had never sold to you before. I didn’t even mind delays, in fact they were completely understandable given the timing and holidays and what not.
Now, funny story and the reason I kept asking and probably annoying you. You all at Frontline Gaming just made it possible for me to buy an engagement ring for my (hopefully!) soon to be fiancée. You provided a very fair price, more than I would have initially guessed, and that put an engagement ring into realm of affordable/in my budget for me.
So, thank you. You guys are always gonna be known in my mind as the people who provided the biggest assist in the most important moment of my life.
If the scale was 5 star rating, I’d give you a 6, if it was 10, you definitely get an 11 in my book."

"This is a really great service. I have been in the hobby on and off for 15+ years now. Dwarfs were the first army to bring me into the hobby. Throughout the years my collection grew and my hobby lead me to the other armies that I thought were cool at the time (they really weren’t), but I always found myself coming back to my first army. Frontline Gaming gave me an opportunity to turn in models that were in a box, rarely used, and rarely seen into a complete Dwarf collection that any Longbeard would be proud of. This is definitely worth a try if you find yourself in a similar situation. Cheers!"
-J Bland

"Thanks again for a smooth process, I hope the minis do you guys well."
-Matthew D

"Thanks so much for the seamless help and all that. You made the process very easy. 
Definitely be using you guys in the future and recommending."
-James L

You Have Two Choices When It Comes To Selling Your Old Models


We'll give you a fair price based on market value, and we'll transfer the cash to your PayPal account once we've verified the accuracy of your shipment.

Store Credit

We'll give you more than your cash quote, and we'll deposit the credit right into your Frontline Gaming account. This is the best value for your models.

Why Choose Store Credit?

Aside from simply getting more for your old models, you'll be able to shop our extensive range of products in the Frontline Gaming store.

You could immediately turn your old models that are collecting dust into your next new army.

We also carry a huge variety of tabletop mats and terrain. Maybe you don't want to add to you model collection just yet. Instead, upgrade your gaming table with our range of products.

You may use store credit in our Paint Studio as well as our massive range of new products.
Fill out the form below to get your quote. Our process is fast, simple, transparent and easy. We offer fair prices and a very generous amount of store credit for your unused models and then find them new homes!

Fill Out The Form To Get A Quote


Fill Out The Form To Get A Quote